Five reasons the North is better than the South

Five reasons the North is better than the South

Now let’s have it straight, the North of England is THE PLACE.

We have it all, the stunning countryside, the buzzing cities, the food, the drink, the culture and the can-do attitude.

Now, I’m guessing that as you’re on our website that you too hail from the glorious North, and as such will have a good idea as to why we are so much better than the South?

Well it never hurts to have a refresh so let’s get into it:

1) Pubs

You can’t beat a nice cold pint, G&T or cocktail after a hard week’s graft and luckily for us we’ve got a fine selection of boozers to choose between.

From rural pubs boasting a selection of proper ales to sleek city centre cocktail bars and the BEST beer gardens, there’s something for everyone.

Where’s your favourite Northern pub?

2) Gravy

Proper, thick gravy - nowhere does it quite like we do in the North.

We’d drink pints of it if we could.

3) Accents

From Liverpool to Newcastle and everywhere in-between the North is home to an incredible range of accents.

You can go to watch Citeh with r’kid, head down’t chippy in Leeds or head oot on the toon with the Geordie lads - the dulcet tones go on and on.

No wonder our accents are constantly ranked as the most attractive in the country.

4) Music

With an array of musical talent the rest of the UK can only dream of, the cultural hubs of the North are ripe with quality tunes and quality bands.

5) The People

That means you, pal.

You and everyone else in this stunning part of the country are what makes it what it is - you’re proper mint!

We’re home to the most friendly, welcoming, down-to-earth, honest, funny people in the land, the sort of people that places like that there London can only dream of being home to.

Give ya sen a pat ont back.


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